About Us

CTC Safety is an Australian owned and operated company providing Work Health and Safety (WHS) Training and Consulting services to all industry.  We have been providing high quality WHS training and consulting services to all industries since 1993.


CTC Safety is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) number 7053 and provides Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) and Non-Accredited Training courses.


See our training.gov.au scope of registration here


Every CTC Safety relationship is built on trust. Trust that’s hard earned through our proven expertise, our depth of local experience and our commitment to stay one step ahead. Our united group of specialists, many of whom number among the best in the country, take enormous pride in collaborating with our project partners.



By digging deeper.
Thinking smarter.
And seeing further.


" We can deliver the smartest solutions, every time."


The support you need to keep your worksite safe.

“Our personnel and extensive networks are qualified subject matter experts and have extensive experience delivering work health and safety solutions to a wide variety of industries.”