CTC Safety believes firmly in abiding by the following ethics in everything we do – no exceptions.



  • Everything we do, without exception, reflects our commitment to Work Health and Safety integrity.
  • We give sound, honest and unbiased advice to industry and we guarantee confidentiality.
  • We have a moral obligation to advise our clients on their Work Health and Safety legal requirements and how to achieve them in the most productive manner.



  • A pro-active approach and recognition of distinguishing characteristics relevant to each client guarantees quality in all workplace safety situations.
  • Our aim is to assist organisations in the elimination of unacceptable hazards and risks by advising them how to use the Work Health and Safety Regulations and Codes of practice as a tool. 



  • Our objective of providing you with the assistance and tools to make your workplace as safe as possible can be achieved by detailed planning and structured implementation.
  • We deliver realistic workable training programs that add value to a workforce.
  • We don't just deliver training, we deliver the knowledge, skills and advice on how the get the job done safely. 


"Everything we do reflects our commitment to integrity, high quality and achieving exceptional results."